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A place where you can relax

Relaxing on holiday is not only a pleasure, it is also an act that brings physical and emotional benefits.

In a natural space like the one you will enjoy at OHAI Conil, our massage service will help you achieve that perfect state of rest and disconnection that you have been dreaming of waiting for your moment.

And you can enjoy it in company! Come to our massage service with another person and discover these moments of calmness as a couple.


in Conil

Stress is one of the biggest problems of today’s society. Teleworking, family, friends, increasingly tight schedules… Your body and mind are worn out by so much pressure.

Even your leisure time may need to be repaired. If you do sports, go hiking or push your body at some point in your regular routine, a massage can help your muscles to recover better and faster.

OHAI Conil’s massages offer you the relaxation, rest and repair you need both for your body and your mind.


en Conil

Complete your perfect moment of relaxation at OHAI Conil with our facilities with Jacuzzi, heated pool and all the services you need to disconnect and take care of yourself.

An authentic SPA in the natural surroundings of Conil, where you can enjoy the benefits of bathing in hot water, which is highly recommended for muscular and psychological care.

Well-being, tranquillity, disconnection and balance, which you will be able to find both alone and in company. The swimming pool of our SPA service is open to both adults and children, and is completely free for all guests.

And, if you prefer, you can offer fun and entertainment for the little ones in the play area and the water park, while the adults recharge their batteries in the SPA.

A real paradise that your body and mind will be grateful for, right from the start.