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Dolphin Safari

in Nazaré

Learn a little more about the life of dolphins in their natural habitat!

On the safari to the dolphins of Nazaré, children can watch these cetaceans, famous for their friendliness and graceful jumps, during a family boat trip.

While admiring the beauties of the sea of Nazaré, adventurers discover curiosities about the marine life found on the Portuguese coast with the support of a highly trained team.

Bring the children, a good camera and a lot of willingness to photograph the dolphins very closely!

Guarantee 10% on this experience with your OHAI bracelet.  For groups with a minimum of 6 people.

Dolphin Safari
Sport fishing
Sport fishing

in Nazaré

Throw the line overboard for good memories!

Did you know that sport fishing brings immense health benefits? It relieves stress, brings us closer to nature, makes us aware of the importance of animal life and develops the sporting spirit.

No matter what your level of knowledge: sport fishing in Nazaré is for everyone, from the most experienced to the amateurs.

Share good times with the children and risk fishing for horse mackerel, sardines, beetles, among other typical species of the region.

Enjoy this OHAI partnership.  For groups with a minimum of 6 people.

North Canyon Experience
North Canyon Experience

in Nazaré

Wave, wave, watch the wave!

Through the North Canyon Experience you can go to the giant waves of Nazaré and feel the thrill of a real professional surfer!

Did you know that the Canyon of Nazaré is responsible for these waves? This underwater canyon is 227 km long and 5000 m deep. It is one of the biggest underwater cannons in Europe!

Are you curious? Then find out a lot more with our specialized team, who will accompany you all the way.

For groups with a minimum of 4 people.

Discover scuba diving
Discover scuba diving

in Nazaré

Explore the sea floor like a real aquatic animal!

Have you ever scuba dived or just stayed on the surface to watch the fish and coral with a snorkel?

Both modes have different proposals. However, scuba diving – or scuba diving – is ideal for aficionados of the mysteries of the sea and a deep connection with nature.

It allows you to swim alongside the fish, observe the marine relief and explore the depths of the sea of Nazaré in a unique and memorable way.

The scuba gives you autonomy and security to breathe underwater. Don’t worry: the equipment is supplied by the team.

We look forward to a good mood and spirit of adventure from you!

For a minimum of 2 people.