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Horse Riding

Horse Riding

in Nazaré

Look into the horse’s eyes, place your hand on his back, support your foot on the stirrup and get ready: your ride will begin.

Riding is not only an excellent activity for health, but it brings you closer to nature and exercises respect for animals.

It is even better to ride in an environment full of natural and diverse beauties, like Nazaré.

How about then booking one of your days at OHAI Nazaré for a horse ride?

Horse Riding
Ride by the sea
Ride by the sea

in Nazaré

The beachfront of Nazaré is kilometric and is therefore the ideal place for the practice of various activities, whether aquatic or terrestrial.

On this day of horseback riding you will enjoy from 10am to 5pm unforgettable moments of deep contact with the nature of Nazaré and with this equine that has a special connection with our history.

During the horseback riding lesson you have all the assistance of our equestrian tour escorts to learn the basics of horseback riding. It is a recommended experience for all people, from professionals to amateurs.

Next, we invite you to a horse and cart ride between or Rio Alcoa and Praia do Sul.

The Alcoa River is about 12km long. It is born above Chiqueda, in the municipality of Alcobaça, and flows into Praia do Sul.

On the other hand, the wagon has been a very common means of transport for some decades, so you can feel yourself inside a time machine!

Moreover, this scenery is calm and surrounded by vegetation, perfect for a relaxing walk.

It is very close to the Port of Nazaré, an excellent alternative to the more touristic areas of this fishing village.

 Portuguese picnic
Portuguese picnic

in Nazaré

How about making that day even more tasteful with a Portuguese picnic?

Enjoy a snack that has the best culinary options in Portugal: black pudding, cheeses, biscuits and other typical dishes of our gastronomy.

It’s the ideal time to talk with the team, learn more about the benefits of riding and the reality of this sport in Nazaré.

Then, everyone goes for a walk by the sea. Try to feel the sand under your feet and the sea touching your hair. Share with your horse those moments of deep contact with nature.

To end this memorable experience, put on your most comfortable clothes and get ready for a sunset photo session.

We want you to keep the best records of that unforgettable day with the people you love.

Who accompanies you in this equine experience?

For groups with a minimum of 6 people.