4×4 route

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Very radical 4x4 experience


Prepare your heart, ears and open your head: this experience will be very radical!

The 4X4 route through Nazaré allows you to get to know this region in an original and adrenaline-filled way! The comfort of the air conditioning gives way to the wind in your hair. The silence of a new car gives place to the noise of the powerful engine.

It calls family and friends and opens Nazaré by jeep paths only accessible. Shall we start?

Very radical 4x4 experience
4X4 route

from Nazaré to São Martinho do Porto

Jeep tours are very popular in coastal regions, where the contact between the car and the sand, added to the high speed, gives adrenaline to travelers.

The route between Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto is about 13 km full of incredible landscapes. Nothing better than to admire the beauties of the sea and the local forest along a walk that offers you a greater contact with nature: the sea, the elevations of the sands, the noise of the waves and the pinnacle sun.

But not only sand and woods are made this walk. The 4X4 Nazaré route allows you to explore other beauties of this fishing village: namely those built and full of history.

After all, it’s three and a half hours on four wheels and you can make the most of it. The ideal programme if you want to get to know the sights in a different way, or if you really like the contact with the dirt road and the beach.

This tour is perfect for everyone who likes excitement and adrenaline. And nothing better than living them with your friends, right?

4X4 route
Get to know the sights


Accompanied by highly trained guides, you can get to know some curiosities about the region, the main tourist spots and get a context about the local history.

Discover the best of Portugal through this active tourism activity and through the hands of those who know our country like nobody else!

The 4X4 route in Nazaré is for a minimum of 2 people, but what really feels good is to get all the guys together!

After all, nothing better than to combine the good moments in our resort, with the swimming pools, the shared spaces and the spa area, with the thrilling and speedy clearing of the region!

Take advantage of your days in our Paradise to live a radical experience in Nazaré and get to know nature and tourist spots in a unique way.

Accelerate, because your next adventure is just beginning!

Get to know the sights