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We, more than anyone, know how privileged Nazaré location is!

In less than an hour by car you can reach several cities of touristic and historical relevance in Portugal.

And nothing better than to get to know Portuguese history and culture by the hands of experienced guides, isn’t it?

We propose you a unique experience: to participate in tours through these cities with a prepared team.

So you don’t have to worry about anything but having fun and recording every moment of that tour.

Embark with us on the next tour and open our country!

From Nazaré

to other cities

After a night of deep rest at the OHAI Nazaré accommodations, it’s time to wake up and start a day of touring.

Did you know that you can enjoy this OHAI experience and travel through 13 cities scattered in the most diverse corners of the country?

During our tour, you will explore several corners of Leiria and Santarém district, besides Lisbon itself and other more distant cities, such as Porto, Aveiro and Coimbra.

See Aveiro’s moliceiros at close range, walking through the city’s canals and try the traditional “ovos moles”, a traditional dessert made with egg cream.

When you arrive in the city undefeated, visit the traditional Port wine cellars and savour a Frenchie by the Douro River.

In Coimbra, explore the oldest university in Portugal and allow you to feel the peace of its care Botanical Garden.

Without a doubt, Portugal’s great advantage is to be able to visit places close to each other, but with such unique customs!

To give you an idea, from Nazaré to each of these cities the routes only last between 1 and 2 hours by car.

Isn’t it fantastic?

From Nazaré
Leiria and Santarém

From Nazaré to the other villages

By participating in our tour, you will be accompanied by professionals, who will explain the local history to you, and by people who, like you, are looking for moments of fun and learning.

In the district of Leiria, explore the villages and touristic points that are part of the history of Portugal, such as the Castle of Leiria, the Monastery of Batalha and the Castle of Alcobaça.

This without mentioning other places of extreme natural beauty, such as the bay of São Martinho do Porto and the meeting of the river with the sea in Foz do Arelho.

Also we cannot forget the rebellious waves of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré.

On the other hand, in the district of Santarém you will visit the Castle of Ourém, the Convent of Christ, in Tomar, and the medieval fortress of Almourol Castle.

A tip: getting to know these villages and their castles at the time of the medieval festivals is like a trip in the time machine!

So, are you ready to join our tour?

Leiria and Santarém