Mindfulness workshops

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Emotions workshop

The emotions workshop is an interactive experience aimed at children ages 6 to 10. Through games and activities, emotional identification and management, self-esteem, relationships, and communication are addressed. The duration is 90 minutes and has a price of €10. Includes all the materials necessary to carry out the activity.

Workshops for teenagers

Adolescence is a stage of great changes, where social and academic pressure can generate high levels of stress and anxiety. This workshop is aimed at adolescents between 14 and 18 years old and designed to raise awareness about our psychological and emotional functioning, with the aim of promoting psychological well-being. The duration is 75 minutes and has a price of €10. All materials necessary to carry out the activity are included.

Mindfulness route

The Mindfulness Path is designed to learn practical mindfulness techniques that can be implemented in daily life. Includes a painting activity and a food-related activity. The minimum age to participate in the workshop is 18 years old. It lasts 50 minutes and costs €10, which includes all the materials necessary.