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Sometimes we travel thinking about cooking ourselves, so we look for accommodation that has a kitchen, and with that, we prepare the luggage and all the necessary food for our stay. Many times we think about whether we can do without a food or ingredient due to lack of space or large volume of luggage.

Together with this, we look for the location of supermarkets or nearby markets, with the displacement that this implies.

At OHAI we know what all this means, which is why we have equipped our bungalows and apartments with kitchens, so that you can prepare the meals you most desire.

In addition to this, our customers needed to have food and ingredients more closely, without long journeys, so we established a small internal store at OHAI with basic products such as bread, eggs … Anyway you have closer than 2 minutes by car from OHAI 2 large supermarkets Carrefour and Lidl.

Those are close to anyone for everyday shopping. So don’t forget anything during your stay, your luggage is lighter and your worries are less, all this thought in your comfort.

Come and visit our shop!