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Terms and Conditions


When booking through the OHAI Nazaré reservation platform, the following rates are available:

Standard Rate, Super Flexible Rate and Non-Refundable Rate.

The Standard Rate is always available and allows the existence of provisional booking requests, giving the option of changing dates up to 7 days before arrival. In order to guarantee the booking confirmation, payment of 50% of the total amount of the reservation is requested. This guarantee must be paid within a maximum period of 5 (five) days after the date of the reservation. If there is no payment after this period, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

The Super Flexible Rate is a rate with special conditions for cancellation and prepayment. This rate is available for reservations made from 20th of April 2020. Customers who choose this rate benefit from a free cancellation period (up to 7 days before arrival). The reservation made remains a provisional request until 10 days before check in. At that time, an email is generated to check in online and to complete the payment for the reservation. After sending the email, the customer has up to 3 days to make the payment. If the customer does not make the payment within the stipulated period, the reservation will be cancelled. The customer is duly informed of all procedures through the contact channels provided on the booking platform.

On certain dates, the Non-Refundable Rate is also available. It is a promotional tariff whose payment is made in full (100%) at the time of booking and for that reason you enjoy a 10% discount.

Accommodation bookings for high season or special periods are subject to a minimum stay of 4 (four) nights unless exceptions that are properly identified on the booking platform.

The promotional conditions / discounts are subject to availability confirmation and are not transferable to third parties. To take advantage of certain promotions / discounts, the customer is asked to enter a promotional code (“Coupon Code”). Promotions cannot be combined with each other.

On our website we offer the best price guarantee. This means that if you found our accommodation for a better price on another website we match the price. To match the price, the reservation must be for the same accommodation and type of accommodation, for the same check-in and check-out dates and have the same conditions and cancellation policies. We just match the price for the current offers. In this way, you will have to provide us with the link to the other offer with the best price and it must be online and available when we proceed with its verification.

When booking accommodation, the price applies for the maximum occupancy of beds available in the accommodation.

In accommodations, the preference for some type of bed, double or twin, must be communicated and will be attended depending on availability. This and other special requests must be made at the time of booking. Additional charges may apply.

All accommodation is equipped with kitchen utensils. Baby cots are optional and must be requested at the time of booking (subject to availability). Towels and bed linen are included in the price. Beds are made at Check-In.

The continental breakfast offer is exclusive for direct bookings made through our website. This offer is valid for the number of adults and children entered in the reservation. Because it’s an offer, there is no discount or refund to the customers who choose not to enjoy it.

It is the customer's full responsibility to correctly insert and update their contact details on the booking platform.

For your security, we inform you that our official website is https://ohairesorts.com/nazare/. Our booking platform is identified as Thelis Resa (thelisresa.webcamp) and from there you are redirected to a secure payment page from Hipay.

Communication regarding your reservation is made via one of the following e-mails: noreplay.nazare@ohairesorts.com, booking.nazare@ohairesorts.com or info.nazare@ohairesorts.com.

Cancellation Policies

There is no refund of the amount paid in booking guarantees in case of cancellation or no-show (please review the conditions for subscribing to our Booking Cancellation Insurance).

In the case of reservations made with Non-Refundable Rate and Standard Rate, there is no refund of prepayment in case of cancellation or No-Show. For greater flexibility and security, the Super Flexible Rate and a Booking Reservation Cancellation Insurance are available.

The Super Flexible Rate has a free cancellation period up to 7 days before arrival. After this period, cancellation fees apply which correspond to 50% of the total amount of the reservation. In the case of a No- Show, the customer is billed for the total amount (100%) of the reservation.

No refunds or discounts will be given for bad weather conditions, late arrivals or early departures. No refunds of goods and / or services are due which, although made available to the client, the client chooses not to enjoy or use.

OHAI Nazaré and its suppliers are not responsible for non-compliance or defective non-compliance with their obligations in the provision of the contracted services, which are attributed to acts or phenomena of nature, labor conflicts, acts of government authorities or accidents.

After booking confirmation, no exchanges between rates and prepayment and / or cancellation conditions are allowed. For this reason, when booking, the customer must choose the rate and respective conditions that adapt to the situation in which he finds himself.

For a better understanding of the different rates conditions, a summary table follows:

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Arrivals and Stays

Check-In: takes place from 16h00. Check-Out: until 12:00.

Arrivals after 22h00 must be notified in advance. In these situations OHAI Nazaré reserves the right to rent your accommodation unit after the indicated time if there is no prior notification.

Access to OHAI Nazaré will only be authorized after registration at the reception. All guests must present identification and sign admission forms. If you have completed the check in online, you must present proof of check-in on the line identified for that purpose.

The total amount of the stay must be paid until check- in.

In the accommodations (Bungalows, Glampings and Apartments) you will be asked for a credit card number as a form of guarantee / deposit (which will be eliminated within 24 hours after Check-Out, unless deducted for duly substantiated and invoiced damage coverage). If you do not have a credit card, we request a deposit of € 150.00 in cash (to be refunded up to 30 minutes after Check-Out, unless deducted for properly substantiated and invoiced damage coverage). The damage or usurpation of the equipment in common use, in the accommodations or in any other good or service will be imputed to the customer, being asked for the additional payment whenever the amount exceeds the security deposit requested.

In situations of overbooking or unforeseen functional unavailability of a particular accommodation unit, OHAI Nazaré guarantees the client's accommodation in a unit of the same or higher category without adding any additional cost to the client.

In the case of caravanning / camping pitches, the alteration of the parcel defined by the reception by the customer is totally prohibited, and this change can only occur upon request made to the reception and subject to availability.

Pets are allowed on request (some spaces are forbidden). To be admitted, it is mandatory to present a vaccination certificate (health bulletin) regularized at the time of Check-In. Any animal inside the Resort without admission, may give grounds for expulsion without the right to return the amounts paid. Additional charges may apply. Dogs mentioned in the list of dangerous breeds are prohibited. Pets must always be accompanied by their owner and on a leash.

It is mandatory to wear identification bracelets inside the Resort in order to guarantee the safety of guests inside the enclosure.

The client must comply with the OHAI Nazaré internal regulations. OHAI Nazaré is not responsible for damages suffered by the client as a result of the violation of the internal regulations.


When booking through https://ohairesorts.com/nazare/ the customer guarantees to recognize that, according to the jurisdiction of his country, he considers himself as an adult.

Parents and legal guardians are responsible for complying with any and all acts or damages carried out by the child on the website.

Access to sports facilities for young people under the age of 16 is prohibited without the supervision of a responsible adult


The events that will give rise to the reimbursement of expenses are as follows, whenever these events occur after the reservation and directly affect the insured:

Guarantee 1: Serious illness, serious accident or death, unexpected phone call for surgical intervention, pregnancy complications or spontaneous abortion, or notification for organ transplant of the insured, spouse, first and second degree descendants or companion registered in the reserve, or quarantine affecting the insured.

The insured, his / her spouse, first or second degree ascendants or descendants, parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandparents, grandchildren, granddaughters, brothers-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law or de facto union.

The companion of the insured, registered in the same reservation.

For the purposes of insurance coverage, the following definitions apply:

Serious illness of the insured, the change in health, verified by a health professional, which forces the patient to stay in bed and which implies the cessation of any activity, professional or private.

Serious accident of the insured person, any bodily injury that results from a violent, sudden, external cause and unrelated to the intentionality of the victim, whose consequences prevent the normal displacement of his habitual residence.

When the illness or accident affects any of the persons mentioned, other than the insured, it will be understood as serious when it involves hospitalization or there is an imminent risk of death.

The consequences of illness or accident that occurred before the date of effect of the insurance or pre- existing illnesses are excluded.

The insured death that entitles the indemnity, according to the terms and conditions of this insurance, must have occurred with a maximum advance to the date of beginning of the trip of 10 days and always after the date of effect of the insurance.

Guarantee 2: Serious damage as a result of theft, fire or other similar causes affecting the insured's home.

The insured's habitual and / or secondary residence. The professional location where the insured person exercises a liberal profession, that is, the direct explorer (manager).

And that necessarily imply the presence of the insured.

Guarantee 3: Insured's dismissal from work, whenever at the beginning of the insurance there was no verbal or written communication.

Guarantee 4: Summons of the insured as part or member of a jury or witness of a court of law or as a member of an electoral board.

Guarantee 5: Acts of air, land or naval piracy, which make it impossible to start or continue the insured's trip. All terrorist acts are excluded.

Guarantee 6: Theft of documentation or baggage that makes it impossible for the insured to start or continue their journey.

Guarantee 7: Damage or accident of the vehicle owned by the insured or his spouse, which demonstrably prevents him from starting his journey.

This coverage is limited to the vehicle repair bill of more than € 600 and / or an expertly proven repair period of more than 8 hours.

Guarantee 8: Notice of the insured person for the presentation and signature of official documents known and communicated in writing after booking the trip.

This policy has a 30-day grace period. In addition, it does not grant coverage to people over the age of 70. This leaflet has a totally guiding function and in no case can it be considered as defining the contracted guarantees or their limits.