Frequent questions


Can someone visit me while I am at Ohai Resorts Conil?

Of course! There are rates for people who can visit you during your stay at our resort (prices per person):

Low season: 7,5€.
Mid season: 10,5€.
High season: 13,5€.

(Parking not included and babies up to two years old free).

Is Ohai Resorts in Conil a recommended centre for families?

Definitely yes, especially for families with young children. We have plenty of activities for them to enjoy throughout their stay.

Is it possible to spend a day without staying?

This is not possible. If you wish to enjoy our facilities, you will have to stay in our available options.

In mid and low season, you can book in our restaurant even if you are not staying.

Is it possible to have barbecues?

No. Any activity that requires the use of charcoal and bonfires is prohibited. Any person carrying out this action will be expelled immediately.

Are pets allowed?

Of course! Pets are always welcome at Ohai Conil. You just need to provide us with their up-to-date vaccination certificate at the time of check in. Here are a few details:

  • We do not accept dog breeds on the dangerous dog list.
  • There are designated areas for you and your pet to enjoy a refreshing swim.
  • In high season additional charges may apply.
  • Pets must always be accompanied by their owners and kept on a leash.
What facilities does OHAI have?

We have facilities for all the family: adults and children can enjoy our heated swimming pools, spa, restaurant, etc. Everything you need for a complete holiday.

Are there high chairs for babies?

Yes, we have highchairs for babies. Please contact us via email at to book one.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options in the restaurant?

Yes, vegetarian and vegan options are available in the restaurant.

Do you offer entertainment all year round?

Entertainment is offered during the high season and on special dates such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

During the mid and low season, activities are promoted at the Resort for the whole family – there is no room for boredom!

Are all facilities freely accessible to guests?

Guests have access to all facilities. A deposit may be required for some of them.

If I want to access the Spa or the swimming pool, do I have to pay?

No, you will be able to access these facilities free of charge.

Are minors allowed in the Spa?

Of course. They can also enjoy the Spa.

Where is it advisable to surf?

The best known beaches in Conil are Rio Salado, Fontanilla, Fuente del Gallo and Roche.

But if you want to have an unforgettable experience then what you need to do is to sign up for classes given by Ohai Resorts Conil, you will learn while having fun!

Are there recycling bins?

Of course, there are several recycling bins at various points on the site, as well as near the accommodation.

Are the pool and spa open all year round?

Of course, these facilities are available to our guests all year round – it’s always a good time to enjoy a hot bath!

Where can I wash my clothes?

There is a laundry room that you can use whenever you need it.

Is there a heated swimming pool?

Of course, we have a heated swimming pool.

Is there WiFi at OHAI Conil?

Of course. Internet connection is available throughout the complex.

Is OHAI Conil recommended for a romantic getaway?

It is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. Beach, incredible landscapes, top-quality facilities… Everything you need to relax and enjoy with your partner.

Is it possible to bring your own bicycle?

Of course you can. You can bring your own bike and enjoy all the amazing routes that Conil has to offer.

There is also a bike rental service available if you need it at any time.

Is medical care available?

Yes, we have a dedicated space for first aid.

Are the sports and entertainment areas freely accessible to guests?

That’s right! All facilities are available to our guests.

Is there animation for children?

Yes, we have entertainment available for the youngest as well as for the older ones, there is no such thing as boredom at OHAI Conil!

Are there lifts in the buildings?

No, but we do have access for people with reduced mobility. For more information if you need it, please write to

What are the opening hours of the Resort?

Check in is generally at 14:00h for pitches and at 16:00h for accommodation. If you need access to the accommodation before that time, you can consult us.

Can you book groups?

Completely. Please contact us for special conditions for groups above a certain number of people.

Is it possible to hold events?

Yes! We have enough space to hold private and corporate events. Please contact us for more information:


Are there camping and caravanning areas?

Yes, we have pitches with enough space for caravans, motorhomes and tents.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes, and we recommend that you do so well in advance, as plots sell out quickly.

What is included in the rent?

Use of all our facilities (showers and toilets, swimming pool, bar and restaurants) is included.

Is there electricity and water?

Yes! Electricity and water are included in the plot price.

Can I choose my pitch?

We assign you a pitch according to your preferences and the number of people you are going to be with.

What is the electrical connection of the plots?

The plots have a three-phase input connection with a maximum capacity of 10/16 amps.

Can I unload waste from my motorhome?

Of course. There is a service area available exclusively for motorhomes.

How can I dry my clothes?

We provide you with clothes racks so that you can dry your clothes comfortably.

Entrance to the Resort

What time can I arrive at the resort?

Check in and check out times are as follows:

– Check in is at 14.00
– Check out is at 12.00

In accommodation:

– Check in is at 16.00
– Check out is at 11.00

If you arrive later than 22.00h, you must notify us in advance.

What is needed to register?

All guests must present their identity card. If pets are present, they must be accompanied by an up-to-date vaccination certificate.

Is it possible to check in at any time?

Check in is generally at 14:00h for pitches and at 16:00h for accommodation. If you need access to the accommodation before that time, you can consult us.

Is it possible to access the Resort with a second vehicle?

Yes, for a fee of 5 euros. The first vehicle is free of charge.

Is it possible to check in online?

Yes it is possible, we have a platform available for this.

What are the advantages of checking in online?

Make the most of your time! When you check in online, you can enjoy your arrival at OHAI Conil from minute 1.


What are the advantages of joining the My Ohai community?
  • % discount
  • Wifi Premium
  • Best price guarantee
  • Flexibility in the standard tariff
  • Exclusive benefits
Is it possible to book directly with the Resort?

It is possible through our website by clicking on the “Book” button. You can also do it through our email or by phone: (+34) 956 44 33 39.

Is any tax added to the final price?

No. The price you are quoted already contains the final taxes.

What methods of payment can I use to pay for accommodation?

You have three options on our payment gateway:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Paypal
What are the advantages of booking directly on the website?

Booking directly with us will give you flexibility in booking dates, the best price and personalised attention.

What are the requirements to match the price?

We will match the price if you find our accommodation cheaper on another website. To do so, you have to choose the same accommodation and type of accommodation, the same check-in and check-out date and with the same conditions and cancellation policies. We simply match the price of the current offers, so you will need to provide us with the link to the other offer with the better price, which must be active and available when we check it.

What types of tariffs are offered?

The table below shows the available rates at OHAI Resorts Conil:

Rate Discount Pre-payment Cancellation Costs Possibility to Change Dates
Last Minute Rate 8% 100% at the time of booking Total amount (100%) of the reservation  Not allowed
Partially refundable Rate 8%  50% at the time of booking 50% of the total amount. Allowed up to 7 days before arrival 
Super Flexible Rate –  An email will be sent to request payment when it rests 7 days to the arrival. Free up to 7 days before arrival.  Allowed up to 7 days before arrival 
Are fares usually updated?

Yes, we update the rates available on the Internet on a daily basis.

What is the cancellation policy?

In the case of bookings made at the Last Minute Rate and Standard Rate, there is no refund of prepayment in case of cancellation or no-show. However, there is the option to change dates up to 7 days prior to arrival with the Standard Rate. For more flexibility you have the Super Flexible Rate available and for added security you can also purchase Cancellation Insurance available for an additional €49.

The Super Flexible Rate has a free cancellation period of up to 7 days prior to booking. At the end of this period, cancellation fees apply, corresponding to 50% of the total amount of the booking. In case of no-show, the customer will be billed the full amount (100%) of the booking.

La tarifa súper flexible tiene un período de cancelación gratuito de hasta 7 días antes de la reserva. Al final de este período, se aplican tarifas de cancelación, que corresponden al 50% del monto total de la reserva. En caso de no presentarse, se factura al cliente el importe total (100%) de la reserva.