Surfing and water sports


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90 minutes
Nazaré Surf School, Nazaré Beach
How to book: Online - as an add on to your booking during your reservation with OHAI; Offline: At our reception/Experience Hub
Private lessons: 70€ - Group lessons: 30€ - Video: extra 20€ - Photos: extra 10€
Enjoy individual (up to 2 people) or group surf lessons on Nazaré beach.
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Pool Dive

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40 minutes
OHAI container swimming pools Nazaré
How to book: At our reception/Experience Hub
Have your first diving experience in the transparent pools of the OHAI Nazaré with unrivalled scenery and without having to leave the OHAI. In partnership with OHAI Nazaré we bring diving to you with a 40-minute experience ideal for beginners of all ages.

Double Dipping

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2 hours (one in the pool and one in the open sea)
OHAI Nazaré container pools + Open sea in Nazaré
How to book: At our reception/Experience Hub
If you want a multi-faceted experience in two moments, this is the ideal experience for you. Firstly, we'll take you for a 1-hour introduction in our container pools and when you're feeling more confident, we'll take you for an experience on the high seas. An in and out OHAI experience in partnership with Water fun!

Jet ski

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30 minutes or one hour
Marina da Nazaré
How to book: At our reception/Experience Hub
30 minutes: 80€/ jetski (up to two people) - 1 hour: 120€/ jetski (up to two people)
There are two types of jet ski experience: 30 minutes or 1 hour. The experience starts at the Marina, from where we take boats to the jet skis. Each jet ski can take up to two people.
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Nazaré harbour
How to book: At our reception/Experience Hub
1 hour: 15€/person - 2 hours: 25€/person
Come and try stand up paddle - an experience for all ages and easy to learn. You can choose between a 1-hour or 2-hour experience, which usually takes place in the Porto de Abrigo da Nazaré area, depending on the weather conditions. Possibility of doing the experience in the bay, depending on the weather conditions.
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Sport fishing

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4 hours (in the morning)
Departure from Nazaré harbour
How to book: At our reception/Experience Hub. Minimum of 4 people per experience.
Adults: 80€ - Children: 35€
Join us on this sport fishing adventure with a local fisherman from Nazaré. This experience is ideal for groups and you can catch your own lunch or dinner.
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