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About us

A sea of possibilities in Nazaré

If you are alooking for a memorable experience, OHAI Nazaré is the place for   you.     Located in the largest pine forest reserve on the Iberian Peninsula, it’s a natural reserve located in over 8 hectares.

Surrounded by one of the coast’s most beautiful beaches of Portugal, located 2 km away from the traditional fishing village of Nazaré, OHAI Nazaré offers a wonderful combination of comfort with nature.


OHAI Nazaré offers a range of services and facilities to reach the desired peace. There are endless options for your entertainment and happiness. Our resort guarantees the peace and serenity you are looking for. Whether if you want to relax after a long day of surfing or even after a long walk, our resort is the place for you.


Enjoy the beauty of Nazaré

In Nazaré you can find 3 different beache’s, where one of it has the biggest wave’s of the world during the autumn/winter season.

Enjoy sightseeing in Nazaré. Discover the history of Nazaré and it’s beautiful monument’s such as Círio of Nazaré, declared as immaterial heritage by UNESCO.


Pet friendly

At OHAI Nazaré you will be able to enjoy your holidays with your pet, we have showers so you can enjoy your stay with your pet to the fullest.

All pets must have an updated Passport and vaccine booklet. Dangerous dog breeds are not allowed. 

Pet Friendly

That's out thing

It’s where we feel confortable, happy and complete.
And so it’s in nature that you’ll find us.

But wait a minute.

We like nature, of course. But we also like many other things.

For example, we like sports. Almost any sport: swimming, cycling, playing paddleball, volleyball, going to the gym…

We also like to eat well. But really good: quality cuisine with fresh products and proximity.

And water… we like water very much. It is something very typical of nature: seas, oceans, lakes, rivers. That is why you will always find us near water.

Another thing we really like is spending time with the family, and having fun together: swimming pools, water parks, spas, video games… And when I say family, I also include pets, of course.

 Sometimes we also like to get away as a couple, or with a group of friends. Sometimes we even escape alone, to surf or hike.

Sometimes we prefer to sleep in a bungalow, and sometimes in our own caravan. Or even glamping, which is so fashionable.

What? It’s the same for you, isn’t it?

Then stop looking, because we are already here: Ohai, The Outdoor Resort.

All the quality, facilities and services that a resort offers, but in the middle of nature.

Why renounce anything?

We know you are one of us.

We are waiting for you.

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