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OHAI Nazaré

It is located in the municipality of Nazaré, a Portuguese municipality with 15,000 habitants.

Discover all the surroundings that surround OHAI

OHAI Nazaré

A Portuguese municipality with 15,000 habitants. Oriented towards the Atlantic Ocean, it has an oceanic peculiarity that makes Nazaré different from the rest of the surrounding municipalities, the well-known Canhão da Nazaré.

Located in Praia do Norte, the Nazaré canyon offers swinging waves that challenge the skills of the most courageous surfers.

Nazaré is famous for registering waves over 20 meters, in August 2012 the record-breaking wave reached 33 meters. In addition to the waves, in Nazaré you can visit the Nazaré lighthouse, the São Miguel Arcanjo Fort, the church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré and other tourist attractions in this Portuguese municipality.

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Nazaré: nature and surf in Portugal

If you like being in contact with nature, beaches, culture and surfing, allow yourself to discover Nazaré: a secret village in Portugal where you can disconnect from the world.
Nazaré, the nature that falls in love

Throughout the year, the rush and busy schedules lead us to a routine so stressful that we do not see the time to stop and rest for a few days. Only then do we think of the places where we can hear the sound of the ocean waves, see the sunset in the trees or even surf to free ourselves.

You will certainly be able to enjoy all these beauties in Nazaré, a village in Portugal with only 10,000 inhabitants, which is privileged for having a solid cultural heritage and unique natural landscapes.

This is a historic area in the center of the country, where the blue of the sea and the green of the trees mix with the colors of the city and the different cultural attractions, such as the Lighthouse of Nazaré, the Fort of São Miguel Arcanjo and the Church of Nossa Lady of Nazaré.

But if there is a main reason for traveling to Nazaré, this is undoubtedly the set of beaches that make up its vast coastline.

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Looking for the secret beaches in Nazaré

Nazaré is a municipality where the sea is everything. Or, more specifically, an Atlantic Ocean as epic as it is tranquil when it comes to enjoying some of the best beaches in Europe.

Wild places where you can enjoy the white sand and the waves, the pines overlooking the coast or some sunsets that here, in Western Europe, are perceived as nowhere else. So leave everything you know behind and enjoy this town where you breathe fresh air and the seagulls become the best alarm clock.

In Nazaré you can find beaches of all kinds. But it’s there, while you’re walking in Praia del Norte, that you’ll find the biggest attraction you’ll ever see in Nazaré: the submarine canyon, a geographical feature that causes record-breaking waves. In fact, the Guinness Book named Praia del Norte as the place where the world’s highest waves are provoked.

And what famous sport is ideal for taming these indomitable beaches?



For example, in November 2011 Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara surfed a wave that reached 23.8 meters in height. For his part, surfer Carlos Burle faced what, according to studies, is the highest registered wave ever recorded at over 30 meters in height.

Two examples that confirm Nazaré’s potential when it comes to getting lost in a surf camp and experimenting with the waves: whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find ideal challenges to enjoy and, hopefully, be there for when the world’s biggest wave comes back. History.
Nazaré is waiting for you. And it is full of surprises.

Traveling with children to Nazaré


Travelling with kids to Nazaré is highly recommended if you want to enjoy all the attractions of this beautiful region.

An appealing region full of charming little towns, beaches, forests and activities where both the small ones and grownups alike can go back in time, to a childhood when everything seemed so easy and all you needed was the sound of the sea.

In addition to the magical beaches and the beautiful town of Nazaré, there are numerous other attractions and experiences to enjoy in this Western Region, where the towns of Alcobaça, Fátima, Leiria, Óbidos and Batalha help to create the perfect regional tour route.

When seeing that Nazaré is only 50 minutes by car from Leiria, what could be better than basing yourself in this town with an enormous castle that runs along half of the coastline? That is without mentioning the Alcobaça monastery and its wonderful views of the abbey and the rest of the town sandwiched between the Baçca and Alcoa rivers, where you can also take in the open-air markets.

The impressive Batalha monastery, or the fairy-tale green towered castle of Porto de Mós? In this town both children and adults can enjoy the Grutas de Mira, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal, where you can immerse yourself in a world of underwater streams and spectacular limestone formations. On the way out you can enjoy the water park – ideal for little ones, and then continue on towards Fátima, one of the most important religious sites, not just in Portugal, but the world.

However, if there is one place near Nazaré that you cannot miss out on it is Óbidos, one of the greatest historical heritage sites in Portugal. It is an ancient fortified town, with cobble streets, pink rooftops and medieval markets to take you back in time.

Take your little ones up to the top of the Óbidos Castle so they can see the heart of Portugal, an ideal adventure to clear your heads and to enjoy as a family.

Because Nazaré is waiting for you, and its full of surprises.

Trekking and cycling

Enjoy playing sports in full contact with nature.

Ohai Resort Nazaré is located next to forests and perfect routes, so you can enjoy with your friends or family trekking or biking. Are you going to miss it?

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