Pet Friendly

Ohai Nazaré is a pet friendly resort, as it offers facilities and space where animals can circulate and integrate with nature.

Well-being of family pets

Take your pet on holiday

So that you can plan your trip to our pet-friendly hotel, we recommend that you make your reservation through our website.

Our platform is simple and intuitive, through which you can choose the days you will stay and the type of accommodation you want.

When you make your reservation, you can add up to two pets per accommodation for the price of 10€ per pet (taxes included).

You can also add the Pet Kit, where your pet will be received with a kit consisting of a washable blanket, feeder and drinker, so that it is comfortable and confident.

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Arriving at Ohai Nazareth

During check-in you must present both the vaccines bulletin and the chip number of your pet, in order to guarantee everyone’s safety during your stay at Ohai Nazaré. Dangerous dog breeds are not allowed.

At check-in and during your stay your pet can walk on a leash through the green and outdoor areas of the resort, as well as stay overnight with their owners and on the restaurant terrace.

Your furry friend is welcome

During your stay

Ohai Nazaré is a pet friendly resort, because we understand that the welfare of the family also involves the welfare of the family’s paws.

At our resort we want them to feel as comfortable as at home: in fully equipped, independent accommodation where your privacy will be maintained and where your paws can stay in the accommodation.

But we also want them to feel immersed in nature through the sound of trees and birds, the views of the beach and the sunset and the calmness of a place so natural that even your paws will love it.

Unique experience

Ohai Nazaré Pet Friendly

Currently, access is not yet allowed to the indoor areas of the resort (gym, lounge, indoor restaurant), as well as access to the swimming pools and children’s playground.

In some areas, you will find a shower for your partner, where you can leave it clean again after a long walk.

In the company of your pets you can walk around and get to know the town of Nazaré and spend the day at Praia do Norte or Praia do Sul. Both beaches allow pets. You can also take the lift up to Sítio da Nazaré and enjoy the view in the company of your pet. Pets are also allowed on the lift. You can also visit the village on the Touristic Train and get to know all its history. Pets are allowed on the train.