Look & feel ECO

Ohai Nazaré includes a series of environmental and sustainability measures aimed at improving the impact of the new facility on the territory.

For a better world

Use of alternative energies

One of our commitments to ourselves and our customers is the use of alternative energies to reduce electricity consumption. We have therefore implemented the following measures:

  • The lighting of the common areas is provided by low beacons in the pedestrian areas and by high poles in the vehicle traffic areas, both of which are powered by their own solar batteries whenever possible.
  • High-performance solar thermal panels are installed on the roofs of the buildings to produce domestic hot water, as well as photovoltaic panels to minimise electricity consumption.
Responsible consumption

Plastic reduction

We are aware of the damage caused by the massive consumption of plastics nowadays. That is why at Ohai Nazaré we are committed to measures to reduce the consumption of plastics:

  • Toiletries are being replaced by dispensers to reduce plastic waste.
  • We have recently opted to make purified local water (fresh, natural or sparkling) available to customers in our restaurant. In this way, we have reduced bottle waste.
  • And, of course, the waste generated in the park is separated.
For the little ones

Environmental education

Children are the future, so we must teach them from an early age the importance of caring for the planet where they live. At Ohai Nazaré we have internalised the importance of this:

  • In our entertainment activities we choose to include environmentally friendly activities. Recycling workshops and activities in which you learn to reuse are commonplace.
  • We try to reduce the use of paper and encourage the use of recycled paper.
Natural environment

Taking care of nature

Ohai Nazaré is located in a natural, unique and irreplaceable environment that we must all take care of together. Get to know the solutions to take care of our environment:

  • The location of the Bungalows and Glampings was designed to have the least possible environmental impact, conserving the more than 1000 pine trees that exist on the 8 hectares of the complex.
  • The bungalows have no foundations, which means that when they are removed they leave no trace on the ground. We have chosen bungalows whose materials are environmentally friendly (no glues or harmful paints) and which can be recycled when the accommodation reaches the end of its useful life.
  • Swimming pools made from recycled containers, as well as elements of the pool itself that are made from recycled plastics.
Environmental objectives

Social actions

Every year at Ohai Nazaré we carry out a social action to contribute to the care of the environment and to teach children about environmental responsibility. This year our objective is to reforest with plants native to the area. Would you like to join us?

Care of the environment

Renaturalisation Action in partnership with Quercus

On 26 November 2022 we held an initiative with Quercus with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of native plants in our ecosystem and restoring the original ecosystem of the dune forest, where Ohai Nazaré is located. In this activity the several families had the opportunity to learn more about our ecosystem and plant a bed with 16 species and more than 100 autochthonous plants. This type of renaturalisation of spaces is essential nowadays in order to give back to the territories, ecosystem services that are becoming more and more urgent, such as: habitat for pollinating insects, biogenetic reserve, erosion control, soil creation, softening of the microclimate and water conservation.


Cleaning of Salgado Beach with the support of Ocean Initiatives

On 23 November 2019 Ohai Nazaré organised a solidarity event to clean Salgado Beach. This initiative was supported by Ocean Initiatives, an international marine protection organisation Surfrider Foundation Europe. Together with the families staying at our resort we joined forces to make Salgado Beach even cleaner and more beautiful.