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Discovering Nazaré

with a different vehicle

magine discovering Nazaré with a different vehicle: a bicycle.

Of course, in the car you can bring your bike all the way here, but if you don’t have room to bring it, we have good news: you can rent a bike with an OHAI Nazaré partner.

And the best: the children can also enter this adventure!

Discovering Nazaré
E-Bike rental

in Nazaré

We already know that every year thousands of professional surfers come to Praia do Norte to be challenged by the gigantic waves that are formed due to the Canhão da Nazaré.

The religious are also interested in knowing the Church of Our Lady of Nazaré and the famous Chapel of Memory, built in gratitude for the miracle that gave rise to the legend of Nazaré.

However, the natural landscapes of this fishing village have attracted the attention of nature and adventure lovers. The Promontory of Nazaré, the Mount of São Bartolomeu and the Pinhal de Leiria are perfect sceneries for several sports.

If you like to explore the streets and the woods on pavements, you can resort to the rental of bicycles. From children to adults, amateurs to professionals, you can benefit from this activity.

You can rent a bike for 4h, 8h, 24h and up to 3 days, so you can use it during your whole visit to the city.

The values vary from 20 euros to 75 euros depending on the time you stay with the bike. And the best: OHAI Nazaré guests get a 20% discount at the time of rental.

For your safety and convenience, the price includes insurance and personal protection equipment.

Are you ready for this adventure on two wheels?

E-Bike rental
Bicycle Route

at Nazaré

Do you want to take some routes through Nazaré, but you still don’t know where to start?

We have selected the main bike routes from Wikiloc and Strava, so you can get to know some of the most famous places, as well as the streets of the quietest neighbourhoods of this fishing village.

Discover the life of the locals and the unforgettable landscapes of this coastal paradise through easy, moderate and difficult routes. It’s whatever you want!

For active tourism fans, this is an experience not to be missed. Stimulate your children’s curiosity for nature and the beauties of Portugal from an early age.

They will all be impressed by the natural, cultural and historical diversity that can fit into a village of just over 10,000 inhabitants.

When do you start your adventure?

Bicycle Route